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Post by ronbon on Fri Apr 10 2009, 12:28

At the eighth chapter i knew it was close to the end of the book so i could have guessed was was goning to happen which was that his father had died. Elie must have been at least a little hurt after all that him and his father been through since the camps had changed thier perspective of how they saw and felt for each other and the family. Elie was not however that sad and he easily forgot about him after he had gone. Why cant people who are bout to die not drink water? Also who did he say was hitting them? Why were they hitting a man who could not stand and was defenseless? What the jews have been through have changed their lives so i know now why they do the things they did. When they said they didnt want revenge on the ss officers i understood them because if you are already dying with no food the only thing you would want is food and you wouldnt care about anything or no one else. He didnt tell of how happy he was when the american tank came in the 9th chapter he mustve been hungry and sick that he had no joy and the events in his past life has left him with no emotion. When he looked at himself in the mirror he probably saw someone who he never thought he would become. The story should have went on about how he was saved and how he went to america.


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