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Night Chapter 1 Empty Night Chapter 1

Post by sunshine on Fri Mar 27 2009, 23:44

So far I think that I feel for the jews!!! I wonder what is encumbered because I feel if I kow what it means than I could understand it better.What is mysticism?you know that phrase in the book that said"there are a thousand and one gates leading into the ochard of mystical do this dangerous..." i think that means that it is very dangerous out in the world for the jews but they are still trying to make it work . the book says “what can we expect?” well I think they can expect lot but they do not know what to expect do you get me? I think it was so desurbing to throw little childern in the air and then shoot them like you are bird hunting. I am glad the russians came to stop the germans in 1944. the russian armys Making gigantic strides forward… hitler will not be able to hurt the jews any more. the situation is getting very serious that is very sad but who can tell me who the fascisits are?the verdict had already been prnouced but the jews just smiled which i think is very optimistic.


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Night Chapter 1 Empty who is this??

Post by aleah on Tue Mar 31 2009, 23:07



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