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Post by Bobby on Fri Apr 03 2009, 00:42

Elie and his family was stricken with the horrible reality that lies ahead of them. Food was to save for tomorrow. All of them kept them selves during the ride towards Auschwitz

Madame Schachter had gone out of her mind. On the first day of the journey she had been seperated from her family. As time went on, her cries grew hysterical... a piercing cry split the silence:
"Fire! I can see fire! I can see fire!" (Page. 33)

From this quote reality hit the most for Schachter. Her husband and two eldest sons were deported earlier then what they should've been. This completely borke her down. At first, I thought she was going mad with cries of fire, but as the wagon reached it's final destination they saw it. A furnace gushing out black flames. Everyone fell silent afterwards.

"Do you see that chimney over there? See it? Do you see those flames? (Yes, we did see the flames.)...That's your grave , over there..." (Page 40)

It would be horrified to know that your death would end up being cremated. I'm amazed at how far the Nazi army would take to be rid of the Jews. Elie even had thoughts of running towards the electric fence instead of being cremated. Yet he didn't for his father. At this point they seperated the men and women, and his father thought it was a shame that Elie didn't go over to his mother side like most young boys did.

My father's voice drew me from my thoughts: "It's a shame... a shame that you couldn't have gone with your mother....I saw several boys of your age going with their...." (Page 41)

Continuing on from what I said about the quote from before. Many presume it would be better for the children to stay with the mother. Instead Elie stayed with his father. His father wishes not to see what they would do to him. I wouldn't either if I was in his shoes. The thoughts of seeing your own family cremated is terrible.



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