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chapter 2 and 3 Empty chapter 2 and 3

Post by stutts#4 on Fri Apr 03 2009, 10:16

Chapter two was very interesting because although the people on the train nor I understood what Madame Schechter was talking about when she was screaming "Fire!". I was clueless and i kind of thought she was crazy but she kept me worried about what was going to happen next. When they pulled up at Auchwitz and seen the flames coming out of a large chimney, i was suprised because Madame Schachter ened up being right. Having to hear about how Elie and his family were slipt up really upset me beause i could never imagine having to be slipt up from my family, knowing that i may never be able to see them again. It also upset me when i had to read about how not only teenagers and adults were being treated cruely but so were babies! I had a lot of different feelings about when they went to Block 17. I was happy because it seemed like everything was just going to get better from here on out. In a way i was suspicious because things got too good too quick and i just really felt like something bad was going to happened any minute. Whenever Elie lied to Stiern i dont know if i agree with his decision or not because he led steirn to believe that his wife and kids are perefectly fine when in actuality they could be suffering. Elie keeps saying that he has changed so much but that just goes to show you that only a few weeks can change who you are completely. I think the next chapter will be very interesting because they are going to a completely different camp. Buna.


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chapter 2 and 3 Empty Re: chapter 2 and 3

Post by iaasbntaylorb on Sun Apr 05 2009, 23:23

It surely was a interesting chapter, and I didn’t get at first what Madame Schachter was talking about when she was yelling “fire.” I realized as soon as they pulled up to the concentration camp. I also hated the way they made them split up, I would be tore up not being able to know where my family was going to go. I was upset too on how they treated babies. Throwing them in the air then shooting them its ridiculous what they did. I also agree that he has changed a lot, and its crazy how only a few weeks can do it to you.


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