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Post by ronbon on Fri Apr 03 2009, 10:29

The second chapter at first had confused me cause at first I didn’t know whether in a wagon being pulled by a horse or a what. I think it was a train right? I don’t know but about Madam Schachter, I want to know how did she know that there was going to be a furnace and flames and a big fire. The people on the wagon didn’t have to hit her they should’ve just gagged her like they did. When they got there, how did the people next to the window know what the name of the place was? In the third chapter I had understood what he wus sayin when he was like why did they have to burn the children and people I felt bad for them to. I had pictured all this happening at night but it was in the daytime cause he said the blue sky. I don’t know why they had to take off their clothes just to be brought new ones I think that was dumb. I think if I was in that situation I would have ran and tried to jump the wire if I was two steps away from the heat. I would have also thought wat was happeing was a dream too. The place they were at must have ben big if they were running. where were they running to though. Was it through woods? What is a lavatorie and a colic? I thought the name Aushwitz was a name of a city so where is this place at.I wouldn't have any personal expiercens with this so... Very Happy

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Post by Admin on Fri Apr 03 2009, 12:11

Hey Ronnie, I like all the questions you asked... they make me realize you guys could benefit more from seeing pictures of Aushwitz so that you can visualize it better when you read about it. And about your comment on thinking it was a city... it was huuuuge, so it's almost like it was as big as one, but like a city that no one could get out of alive. Also, as far as personal experiences, don't think about personal experiences in the sense that you've been to a concentration camp before, but a time where you've felt fear for your life, or anger for wrong-doings, or separation anxiety from your friends or family, etc.


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