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Chapter 2 & 3 Empty Chapter 2 & 3

Post by FatherTime on Fri Apr 03 2009, 11:16

Chapter 2 starts with the train ride to a camp. The ride seems to be extremely uncomfortable and I don't think that I could stand for more than 30 mins especially if I were as hungry as they were. At the first stop they were told that "If anyone is missing, you'll all be shot, like dogs...". I found this to be quite unruly because if I was told that i'd probably crap my pants. For them to now know the germans mean business would be devastating. On they way to the second campthis woman, Madame Schachter, goes mad and starts to see random fires. I would have shut her up or had someone else shut her up at the start of her yelling. The fact that her son stood and watched his mother go crazy is something that would stay in my memory forever. Then they hit Auschwitz and feel a new sense of confidence. This is where the wiesel family is split down the middle. Something that struck me was Behind me an old amn fell to the ground. Near him was an SS man, putting his revolver back in it's holster". I that would have completely change my mindset from worrying about my mom and sister to worrying about myself only. I would be second guessing religion just like Elie. Going through all the barracks would have just shown me the cruelty of the germans. I wonder what the "odor of the Angel of Death" was like to Elie's morale because it would have made me start to think if I would make it anylonger. The sign that says "Work is Liberty" is ironic and misleading because there is no liberty in the camps. Then to top it all off they train over to yet another camp. I don't think I would've been able to take all the train rides and constant switching of camps. Chapter 3 ends and the book is starting to get a little more interesting.


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Chapter 2 & 3 Empty Re: Chapter 2 & 3

Post by Admin on Tue Apr 07 2009, 10:22

Hello FatherTime, can you please tell me your name so I can give you credit for your postings?


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