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Post by iaasbntaylorb on Fri Apr 03 2009, 20:36

The second and third chapters caught my attention better than the first. It gets more interesting. The train ride to ride various stations were they were crammed in the car for cattle. It seems to me like they don’t really care how they remove them, and they had to sit and stand in turn because of the crammed space. Also that crazy lady, Madame Schachter. She was yelling fire fire fire! As I read I could tell that she knew about where they were going. It was very suspenseful when they arrived at the camp and were told to go left or right. Every time they would divide I would wonder their fate. If they would be going to die or not. When Elie lied about being eighteen I was so nervous that he would get caught. One of the people he talked to worked for the crematories, I was surprised to hear that that boy cremated his own father. When they go in the camber and they were told to stand. I think that that is just a cruel thing to do. They would also take any new shoes, and Elie had new one on. He says, “I had new shoes myself. They were coated with a thick layer of mud...I thank God…for having created mud…” I felt that he was still had a faith in his religion. They were told to wait many times and I know it was so nerve-racking to them to sit or stand to wait.

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