Chapters 2 & 3

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Chapters 2 & 3 Empty Chapters 2 & 3

Post by Superman on Mon Apr 06 2009, 11:16

These two chapters were very interesting. It struck me to read some of the stuff i read. Especially the part where Madame Schachter gotta beaten by men who were on the train. That was just totally wrong even if she was a crazy lady. Her son was even sitting right beside her holding her hand while this terror was going on. I know if i was there i would have not just sit there and let it happen. i would have approached that situation a completely different way. Reading these chapters really opened my eyes on how badly the Jews were treated. I actually felt sorry for them while i read. I also have a lot of respect for them cause they could have just gave up at any time and quit on life. But they didn't they tried to make their bad situation into a positive by bring out the good things that happened. I had a lot of respect for that. If i was in that situation i don't know if i could make it or not. I would probably have died by now. Its just cruel how the Germans treated the Jews. I felt sorry for the Jews. All they ever got to eat was soup and bread. They had only water to drink. I know i couldn't live off water and soup. Its just terrible how they were treated. One more thing i would like to know is what ever happened to his mom and sister.


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