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Post by nicole on Fri Mar 27 2009, 23:26

I liked the part where Elie was talking about how they lived in homes of people who were just there yesterday. I got kind of confused at who was speaking at first but now I understand. "Every question possessed a power that did not lie in the answer."-Elie Wiesel. This quote to me means, all questions have more than one answer and you can't always express the whole truth in a spoken answer. I learned a lot about how the Holocaust started before I read the first chapter, but now that I have read it I learned even more. I learned in the book how it felt because Elie Wiesel showed instead of told. I also learned how the Holocaust started from reading the first chapter. I don't understand how one person can come in and take total control of everything and people just let it happened. I remember one time I was at camp and we were doing a relay race and this girl came and took over and just started yelling at everybody and we lost the race big time. I feel so bad for the people who went through the Holocaust, especially the little kids like Elie Wiesel, he was only 12 when the Holocaust started and he had to move away from everything he grew up with to slave for a man he's never met. I also can't believe the methods Hitler used to get rid of the bodies.


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Chapter1 Responce! Empty lol nicole

Post by aleah on Fri Mar 27 2009, 23:39

yeah i see what youre saying. i also learned way more than i knew about the holcaust even from the first chapter of this book. like i didnt know that the holocaust started the way it did, or that little babies were like used as targets and being shot. its really sad. thats a good quote. i interpret it as meaning everything that everything that was going on, had a motive behind it. and that this motive affected them in so many ways and had an unspoken influence over their emotions and outlooks of what was going on. haha.


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Post by sunshine on Thu Apr 02 2009, 02:35

hey nchole i like the way you say things well dont have much time so post you later bye Crying or Very sad sunny Sleep


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