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Post by aleah on Tue Apr 07 2009, 00:37

Chapters 2 and 3 really meant a lot to me. One of my main focuses is Madame Schachter. Everyone thought that she was crazy for screaming about a seemingly imaginable fire, but really there was going to be a fire. It was kind of like something r some kind of force gave her this premonition or something. But it is so ironic that none of the Jews believed her like she asked them to, and they all traveled to their graves. Just like Moche the Beadle. he begged people to believe that a horrible fate was coming to them and they had to leave while they can, and noone believed him. Its wierd how once they were in the concentration camps, they thought that God had abandoned them. Or that there were no signs of this inhumanity. There actually was signs( which were people that were of people of somewhat respectable backgrounds) and they had the opportunity to leave and be safe. But because they had so much faith in somethng wrong, they had to deal with the consequences of their decisions. In chapter 3, I loved how the people kind of banned together and helped each other through selection. When the guy told Elie and his father what ages they should be, and what occupations, that was really neat. I think that most of the women and children, if not all, died that very night, including the mother and Tzipora. since I think that thye died, I think it was ironic how the father told Elie that he wished he could have went with his mother because a lot of other children did that, but in reality his life was spared. What a Face


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