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Post by sunshine on Tue Apr 07 2009, 00:39

Chapter 4
omg i cant believe they are treating the jews like this.but it is sweet that a girl comes out of nowhere after he gotten beaten and says"bit your lip, little brother...dont cry.keepyour anger and hatred for another day, later on.the day will come, but not now.. wait. grit your teeth and wait..."(61) i feel for the poor girl Crying or Very sad
chapter 5
the quote "what are you, my god,"i thought angerly,"compared to this afflicted crowd, proclaming to You thier faith, thier anger, their revoolt?what does Your greatness mean, lordof the universe,in the face of all this weakness,this decomposition, and this decay? why do you still trouble their sick minds, their crippled bodies?"i think he has lost his faith compleatly. i feel for him and i feell for god to hear this and to do nothing (him and god)anyway i feel everything this boy is going through Crying or Very sad


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chapter 4&5 Empty Re: chapter 4&5

Post by aleah on Fri Apr 10 2009, 05:22

I thought that the little girl was very couragous as well. And it almost lightened the whole chapter up because it let us know that some of the Jews still cared about each other and that Elie wasn't going to be alone in the camp. I really liked that you brought up this quote. It showed how Elie really believed that god had abandoned him, and this was coming from a very religious person. All of the Jews were very religious, and we know this because they continued to pray even as they were being deported.


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