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Post by stutts#4 on Tue Apr 07 2009, 00:41

I liked these chapters because the got more into detail. After reading these chapters i didnt want to put down the book. I thought that these chapters were really interesting and they had a lot of information but they were the cruelest.I could barley stand to read these chapters. I dont understand why you would want to choose random people to kill. If it were me i would just let the population build up and then have everyone work so that everything would get done. I think Elie is going through mixed emotions. I think that he believes in God and knows that there is one but he doesnt have faith in him and he cant praise him anymore. I think he feels that if God really wanted to help out and wanted the best for everyone then he would make life the way it used to be; he would prevent so many people from being hurt or even killed! I know that Elie still knows that God is real but he feels that he cant praise him because he isnt doing what is best for the world and he is letting this go on. I feel bad for Elie because i know that his foot is killing him but he is just doing whatever it takes to make sure that him and his father dont get spilt up. He feels like he and his father have stayed together for so long that they would both be devistated it they were split up.

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