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Post by ronbon on Tue Apr 07 2009, 10:03

My thoughts on these chapters so far are better than the first ones the book is more interesting now than it was. But I think that chapter 4 was bad because of the bad things the officers did like beating up on the prisoners there. They should have been better towards them because they are the ones who are not getting any much food but in also felt they. I was confused when he said many years later in Paris becaus ehe switvched to something different and that confused me he could hav seperated that part. Who are the Poles? It is bad that they had to look for bread or some leftover food and I bet that the soup is made of some people. I be hungry an have to look for snacks in the kitchen. I can relate to that. What if someone had tried to get a hold of a machine gun and try to take over the officers? I think if I was about to die cause I got my name onn the list I would have tried it. Who is a kabbaala? How could a bomb drop in the middle somewhere and not blow up I think that was a joke. They should have not killed the little dude. I would have been scared like him if I had to be fit for my life when they had the selection. I would have not wanted to go to the hospital because I would have been afraid that they woulda fried me if I was weak but I guess it was good cause nothin bad happened.


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4th and 5th Empty Re: 4th and 5th

Post by FatherTime on Tue Apr 07 2009, 10:29

I definently agree with the book being more interesting now than then but thats how most books are. I didn't have a problem with understanding the placement of the paris part. It kind of flowed to me. I have been hungery before and had to look for food but it was never life threatening if I didn't find any. The soup was and still is digusting. Acually disgusting isn't a strong enough word for that. If someone had tried to rebel against the officers im pretty sure it would have failed and there effort would have been forgoten.


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