chapters 4 & 5.

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chapters 4 & 5. Empty chapters 4 & 5.

Post by katie(: on Tue Apr 07 2009, 11:12

The thing that stuck out the most to me in these chapters was when they made the "selection". If i was brought into the concentration camps with my mom, i could not bear to be separated and the fact of not knowing weather or not she was going to make it through the selection would just be absolutely unbearable! When Elie had to get his foot worked on, i felt really bad because its the nazis fault this was brought upon them; Elie should not have to suffer for there actions. There was also a place in the book where a man said Hitler was the only person who was loyal and who had not lied. I find that to be a bunch of crap. The jews were in the camps because of hitler why on earth would that man be saying good things about him! Hitler had lied and decived not only the jews but even his fellow germans. Every one was convinved that hitler was like the greatest man on earth when really he was just a smooth talker.

There was also a part in the book where Elies father gave him a spoon and knife and told him he may need it one day, because he hadn't made the selection and was going in for another try. I could relate to this because when i was little my brother went into the army and he gave me his favorite chain because he didn't know if he would ever get another opprotunity to give it to me. Luckily like Eilies fater he did return back from what he went through. Personaly i thought these chapters were the worst, not based on the readinbg but based on the thoughts and actions of the people. I find it hard to belive that a man could want to kill an entire race without even giving them a chance. I wouldn't have made it two weeks at a concentration camp, i would go crazy.


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chapters 4 & 5. Empty Re: chapters 4 & 5.

Post by (: tania on Tue Apr 07 2009, 12:02

I agree with Katie it’s all mess up and I think that all these people didn’t know better. They got easily manipulated and they believed they were doing the right thing which doesn’t justify them. They have no reason to do this to a human being. No one has the right to kill someone and then say” oh I was manipulated didn’t know any better” you know that killing is not a right thing never. Katie I relate to that ass well when my dad left he gave me a little heart locket and luckily I saw him again. But I can imagine how Elie felt knowing that he probably wasn’t going to see him, again.

(: tania

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