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chapter 4 and 5 a.k.a sonic Empty chapter 4 and 5 a.k.a sonic

Post by sonicspeed on Wed Apr 08 2009, 00:30

in chapter 4 a lot has happen since elie was taken to the consentration camp,to me that is really awful where they serve you a piece a bread with soup once this chapterit talks about how they been switch with his father to another concentration camp,he always asking for his father to be with him,i think that is really caring becouse that is the only person from his family he has left and he dont want to loose them,later on in the new concentration camp all the jew has beeen ask to go to the doctor to check there teeth elie knew why they where been call he knew that they were been call to get out any golden tooth they had in there mouth,he always try to find an excuse to not get ito ut and finally he didnt get it out,the last thing that i remember from this chapter is that they were sent to be selected those who didnt make it they were sent to be killied and elie and his that made i really got kind of worry when that happen i thought that maybe elie dad wasnt going to make chaper 5 it talks about that is the end of the year and they are getting to together to celebrate it, they are still in the consentration camp,everyone is still faithful to god but elie is kind of doubting becouse they are still in there.i guess as a teenager you are young so mostly all teenager when they are young they always doubt about something in life.


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