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Chapters 4&5 Empty Chapters 4&5

Post by aleah on Wed Apr 08 2009, 00:44

I was actually happy at the beginning of this chpater. When they said that Buna was a good camp, it gave me hope that they would have it a little easier and that they might have gotten up enough strength to live, or possibly escape. it kind of scared me when they were talking about the gold teeth. Because they didn’t care about the Jews, I was scared that they were going to rip out his tooth very aggressively. But I thought it would have been smart to get rid of the crown, because if a mean Nazi had saw it, they might have just killed him, and then taken it out. When Elie was whipped, it kind of reminded me of slaves. And that they really didn’t have it better than the slaves. I also was kind of disgusted by the fact that anybody could think about having any kind of relations with another person in a concentration camp! I mean, it smells like dead bodies. That’s really gross. And it also shows that these camps didn’t affect the Nazis at all. it was really sad how the people were so hungry that they would risk everything to eat. And at that, the man couldn’t even bring himself to eat! and he died trying. But I thought it was reallo cool how the leader of their block tried to help them through selection and told them what to do to pass. It was kind of like a new hope. But when they hung the little boy, that was sad how he didn’t even die, and they had to look at him in the face. It also showed that the nazis had some bad feelings about it, because they weren’t as enthusiastic at this hanging than all of the other ones.


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