Chapters 6 &7.

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Chapters 6 &7. Empty Chapters 6 &7.

Post by katie(: on Thu Apr 09 2009, 09:53

I can not believe that they made Elie run when his foot was hurting so bad! I truly felt sorry for Elie and his father because i no how it is to run and not stop or you'll get in trouble, during softball if you stop running or cut and don't run the full laps you'll have to run again; but running for hours and hours is unthinkable! I could never do that, i would have lost my will in like the first 30 minutes to an hour. Elie's father was clearly getting sick in chapter sick, but he refused to let that distract him from his son. He was always there and always ready to help out when Elie needed him.

When Elie was trying to wake his father on the train to Buchenwald i was shocked when he didn't move; I thought for sure he was dead. Elie's efforts to try and wake his father were slapping him and jumping on him. I would have done the exact same thing. I would have been so scared; I would be so afraid of being alone and not having anyone there to keep me going on everyday. There was a part in the book where this boy named Meir was strangling his father just to get a single crumb of bread. When his father had grabbed two and he was saving the other piece for his son. Meir had turned "savage" and beat and strangled his father to death. I could not believe that things like this could happen. Everybody on the wagon was going crazy and i would have too if i was being kept like a animal in a cage and treated like an animal everyday of my life. I thought these chapters were hard to read because everything was so brutal and unbelievably bad; it was terrible.


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Chapters 6 &7. Empty Re: Chapters 6 &7.

Post by ronbon on Thu Apr 09 2009, 11:41

I forgot the fact that his foot was hurting so yeah he was strong for that and he and his father made it so far, well at least to the end of the seventh chapter. I could not have possibly have done what they did unless i have the same thought that he had to not let his dad be alone without him because if he died his father would have probably lost hope in his salf and would give up also. The german people were not cool for throwin the bread in their the first place because they didn't realize they have killed and broken up families


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