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Post by ronbon on Thu Apr 09 2009, 11:36

On 6ix i think the officers were wrong to shoot who ever could not keep up because later he said they could not even keep up them selves so i think that that was not cool. Elie and his father who is 50 years old is strong because he can survive the running for about 40 somethin miles, Elie is strong to. They have made it a long way and have stuck wit each other for a long time so they still have faith in each other. Elie does not want to be apart from his father and they have made it to the new camp in Buchenwald. The germans who were throwin bread in the little wagons where they all were at was not cool but it amused them i dont know why they are mean people. Where were the officers at? Were they in a warm other wagon with a top? Why didn't they have a top to thiers? They could at least have covered it with a blanket. The german soldiers must do not care about them anymore because they don’t have food or anytthing they have to eat the snow that was on the other peoples back. For my thoughts the way they treated them was unreal. No one should be treated like that and his father was about to die and I would have been scared too. The jews had lost all hope and would kill each other over nothing which reminds me of some zombie movie. I forgot the name of it.


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