Chapters 8&9 Response!

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Chapters 8&9 Response! Empty Chapters 8&9 Response!

Post by nicole on Thu Apr 09 2009, 01:45

I like these two chapters especially chapter 9 because it talks about how the Holocaust ended and how the Jews became free. I wish it would tell us about Elies mom and sister, I wonder what happened to them through the Holocaust, did they survive, and if so how long? I couldn't imagine going to bed one night knowing my dad was dying and waking up in the morning and him not being there. I think it is horrible that Elie didn't even get to tell his father bye of that he loved him. I don't understand why when Elies father was dying, why couln't he drink water? If I was Elie I would know that I had to get used to the fact that my dad is dead but it would take a while. I hate how Elie's dad made it until a week before the Holocaust ended, that would be horrible to go through the entire Holocaust, all those years and die a week before it ended. If i was Elie, as soon as I got free I would spend all the money I ever earned trying to find my mom and sister to see if they were still alive. I hate the part where Elie talks about how there are no tears at his fathers grave because he has no grave, for all Elie knows, if the Holocaust hadn't ended that soon, he could have been eating his father. I liked this book, it was really interesting.


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Chapters 8&9 Response! Empty reply to you

Post by sunshine on Fri Apr 10 2009, 00:26

i wouldnt be able to do it either but have you looked at it this way...he couldnt do anything to help him which i terrible and he couldnt drink the water because it was poisionous. you know, thats what i think had happened and i wish there was a second story


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