chaper 8 and nine (a.k.a sonic)

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chaper 8 and nine (a.k.a sonic) Empty chaper 8 and nine (a.k.a sonic)

Post by sonicspeed on Fri Apr 10 2009, 00:30

To me this two chaper where the two chapter that I like the most becaouse it talks about the ending of the holocoust and how the jews became free only those who survive luckily elie was one of those survivers, I kind feel upset that elie dad did not survive but sometimes I makes me think what happen to his sister and mom?did they ever survive,did he get to see them again in his life or in the holocoust where they killed?well what happen to his dad is really sad to me I couldn’t go to sleep knowing that is dead even though I been through a lot my dad would be my first thoughts,but I guess elie been through so much he don’t even feeel pitty to what happen to his dad,some people would call him heartless and cruel or unhuman but I would understand why he would feel that way,it makes me kinda of mad that he went through a lot with his dad trying to help him out and worrying about him,and all that work for nothing becaouse his dad die in the last week of conncentration camp, I mean if I knew that was going to happen I would of just try to killed m self in the beginning becouse that would be a waste of time and so much suffering for no reason.although this book is sad and upsetting I really loved this book it kinda of makes you think a lot,this book was really enjoyable.


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chaper 8 and nine (a.k.a sonic) Empty Re: chaper 8 and nine (a.k.a sonic)

Post by aleah on Sat Apr 11 2009, 00:24

yeah its kind of relieving when you know that the Holocaust is almost over. I understand how you wouldnt be able to sleep knowing that your dad isnt with you anymore. it was sad how Elies character changed so much that he didnt even care that his fathers was dying, and that a secret part of him wanted his father to die so all he had to think about was himself. I believe that his sister and mom were killed right aay. being that they were women and children. I think elie and his father realized this but they didnt want to admit it to themselves because neither one of them would have a seond thing to lean on when all else was gone.


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