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Chapter 8&9 Empty Chapter 8&9

Post by aleah on Fri Apr 10 2009, 00:42

These chapters were really sad. Like i said before, I knew that the father was going to die. And it was kind of pitiful how they came that long way just to die. He even told his son to keep the faith and to keep pushing; yet, he didn’t muster up the stregnth to survive. I understand that the odds were agianst him, but it was a little hypocritical of him. Just kidding. It was all very sad and it made my heart heavy. Elie always said that he would try to stay with his father no matter what- then he was just left in the world all alone, despite his best efforts. It was also sad that Elie started to not care about his father’s future. He started to take on the mentality that everyone else had- selfishness. It was kind of shallow how when the people came to get his father, he didn’t want to move because he didn’t want to draw attention to himself. The part that really hit me was the ending sentence. I didn’t realize that they didn’t know how they actually LOOKED when they were starving. They knew that they were weak, and their bodies had no strength, but this was the first time that he saw himself after living through Hell. When he described that first time seeing himself for months, I felt like that was the first time I really saw him in the book. It made me actually realize how horrible this was and how bad the Jews suffered.


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